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Water Warrior Alliance is thrilled to introduce the Adopt-A-Watergoat Program, a unique initiative designed to combat water pollution by harnessing the power of dedicated volunteers Head-On like your group. 


What is a Watergoat?

Watergoat’s are innovative devices designed to collect debris from stormwater drain runoff, capturing up to 80% of the debris that would otherwise contribute to water pollution. These devices play a crucial role in safeguarding our water ecosystems. Cleaned once to twice a month, depending on the season, Watergoat’s depend on the commitment of passionate volunteers for their maintenance and effectiveness. 


How Your Group Can Make a Difference:

By Joining in the Adopt-A-Watergoat Program, your group becomes the vital force behind the change. Take charge of organizing and hosting monthly cleanups, where you'll actively contribute to cleaning out the debris from the Watergoat devices. Your efforts will directly impact the cleanliness of local waterways and protect aquatic ecosystems.


 Program Highlights:


1. Monthly Cleanup Leadership:

 Organize and lead monthly cleanups to maintain and optimize the performance of the Watergoat devices.

2. Volunteer Recruitment and Management:

 Secure your own volunteers to actively participate in cleanup events, ensuring a dedicated and passionate team aligned with your goals. 

3. Self-Promotion Opportunities:

Advertise your cleanup initiatives and showcase the impact of your efforts on our platforms. Inspire others to join your cause and contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment. 

4. EPA ETAP the Escaped Trash Analysis Protocol Implementation:

 Learn and implement the EPA ETAP protocol independently, further enhancing the effectiveness of your cleanups and environmental initiatives. 

5. Data Reporting Training: 

Develop the skills to compile and submit detailed reports independently, fostering transparency and accountability within your organization.


Ideal Adoption Groups: 

  • Existing Cleanup Organizations 

  • Environmental NGOs

  • Schools and Universities

  • Businesses with a Green Focus 


Adoption Contract:

  • Duration: Two years 

  • Responsibilities: Monthly cleanups, timely data reporting, adherence to contract guidelines 


Join us in the fight against water pollution and become the stewards of change your community needs. For inquiries and adoption, please contact us at


Jenna Byrne


Water Warrior Alliance

12601 Gulf Blvd. Treasure Island FL 33706


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